Thursday, July 28, 2011

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

In May Tyler and I took a trip to New York City. My best friend and roommate from college, Amy, is currently living there with her husband Travis so we had many reasons for wanting to go. They will only be living there for another year, so we figured that at six months pregnant, we better take advantage of seeing the city while we had tour guides and before we have a small little baby. We had such a blast with Amy and Travis! Here are some pictures of the highlights.

Tyler's #1 favorite thing: The Yankees vs. Red Sox game. As you can see, we are supporting the Yankees. Tyler is a lifelong Yankees fan since his dad grew up in Rochester and Tyler's been watching games with him his whole life. It was his first time to Yankee stadium and we had a good time watching the game and a few scuffles that broke out in the crowd.

I am standing on the Brooklyn Bridge. There is another bridge behind me but I'm not sure which one it is. This was our second to last day and by far out worst weather day. Every other day was perfect! And even a little drizzle and clouds wasn't so bad.

Me and Amy sitting on the red stairs that are in Times Square. This is also the place where we bought our Broadway tickets. We saw Catch Me if You Can and really enjoyed it. We also enjoyed singing Alicia Keys and Jay-Z every time we went to Times Square...which was almost every day since Amy and Travis live so close to it.
The island of Manhattan is what's behind Tyler. We went on a boat tour our first day in the city and got to see all five boroughs from the cruise boat. It was really cool to get oriented and also see some things that we didn't want to necessarily take a tour of but we at least wanted to see what they looked like.

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