Thursday, July 28, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

For Memorial Day weekend, Tyler and I escaped to Las Vegas to get a little sun and warm weather in our lives. His grandparents live there in a beautiful house with a pool, so we really enjoyed that. We were especially glad that his parents and siblings drove over from California to spend the weekend with us as well. We only took pictures at Red Rock Canyon because we spent most of the weekend playing in the pool, shopping, watching movies, and playing the Wii. It was a perfectly relaxing weekend!

The hiking group: Grayson, Zach, Sabrina, Haley, Roxanne, and Raquel
Not pictured here: Tyler, Rebekah, Papa Hutchins

I'm pretty sure Tyler is in the danger zone in this picture with the combination of the aviators, air guitar, Texas shirt, and cool back drop. Grayson had also been air guitaring it up, but got distracted before I could take the picture.

Pregnant lady taking one of many needed breaks during our hike around Red Rock Canyon. I am using the term "hike" very loosely.

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