Friday, November 12, 2010

A Year of Plenty

During one year of marriage:

-We cruised the Caribbean
-We partied in California 4 times
- We moved from Texas to Utah during a snow storm driving a Penske truck, towing the Matrix
- Tyler started BYU Provo and then the Accounting program
- Rebekah got a completely new job
- Tyler performed a Ricky Martin song in front of the whole cruise ship
- We went sledding
- We cheered for Real Salt Lake soccer at the Rio Tinto stadium six times
- We watched BYU boys soccer beat a team from Mexico
- We took my brother Jonathan to the MTC
- We attended six weddings in 9 weeks during the summer
- We discovered one of our favorite Provo restaurants, Gloria's Little Italy
- We hiked the Y
- We spent a weekend at a resort in Park City
- We watched BYU win a football game in the Lavell Edwards stadium
- We watched Texas football games with fellow Texans (well, both of the wives were Texans)
- We took our second trip to Atlanta
- We became addicted to the local nickel arcade (we got lots of fake guns with our tickets)
- Rebekah visited her mission in Arizona
- We watched every episode of Criminal Minds
- Tyler has served as the ward clerk
- We decided that creating a blog starts a new stage in our life together

As you can tell, we covered a lot of ground in 365 days. Our goal now is to update you on our lives more than just once a year, and of course, to make you laugh as often as possible. That is actually our main goal. If it wasn't, we wouldn't be Tyler and Rebekah.


  1. I love this post.. i'm excited to read your blog often... hopefully you're better at posting often than I am!
    Ps. you guys are pretty HOT!

  2. Cute blog. We definitely will check it out often. Love ya guys.

    The Bluemels

  3. Yesssss! I am so happy about this. Way to join the blog craze. I'll add you to my blog list. The Hutchins' Blog will definitely be a must read.

  4. Fabulous job with the blog you guys! We couldn't be more happier to have guys around. We love us some Hutchins!