Monday, November 22, 2010

When We Want to Be Happy

One of the saddest things we discovered when we moved to Provo was the lack of Chipotles in so called "Happy Valley." How can a place be happy when you don't have a Chipotle to run to when you're having a bad day? The closest Chipotle to our house is approximately 30 miles north and any excuse we get, we will go there.

This past Saturday we went to Salt Lake City to pick up Tyler's brother Zach. He drove down to SLC from Idaho with some friends. When we found out we would be going to pick him up, the first thing Tyler says is "So,we will be stopping at Chipotle for lunch, right?" I love him so much.

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  1. We had a favorite Chinese restaurant in Salt Lake (the REAL stuff) that we desperately missed from my family in Texas and when we found one in Salt Lake we'd offer to pick up family all the time just to be able to go there! sooooooo YUMMY! and I LOVE CHIPOTLE!!! They don't have them here in Montana either...