Monday, September 19, 2011

Will "The Real Deal" Hutchins

This is the most recent picture we've taken of Will. He is listening to Tyler play the guitar and sing. Tyler does it almost every day and Will really seems to like it.

To catch you up in case you haven't heard the details yet, Will was born on August 16th at 5:55 am. He was 6 lb 13 oz and 21 inches long. As of his latest doctor's appointment, he is 8 lb 5 oz and 21 & 1/4 inches long. We've got a tall baby on our hands! We were surprised as well :) Will is a great baby. He is very relaxed and will let anyone hold him and play with him. He sleeps well, eats well, and is extremely adorable.

As for us, we are still getting used to the fact that we are parents. We love it, but most days it doesn't seem real. It's cool for me to not be pregnant anymore and to start looking like I did before pregnancy. In addition to having a baby, I also had gall bladder surgery 10 days after Will was born. At 32 weeks into my pregnancy, I had a gall bladder attack that sent me to the hospital. I didn't know what it was until we went and then they did an ultrasound and let me know that I had lots of gall stones and would need to have it removed. The gall bladder problem actually turned out to be a blessing. Because I needed to have it out, the doctor agreed to induce me at 40 weeks when they wouldn't normally induce until 41 weeks with a first baby. When the doctor delivered Will, he discovered and then told us that his umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck three times and he had two knots in the cord as well. So he was meant to be born at 40 weeks and not any later, whether little Will knew it or not. He was stubborn about coming out but I am so grateful that we didn't wait any longer and that we have our sweet little boy to hold every single day.

I'm only five weeks into it, but so far being a mom is better than I imagined. I wake up in the middle of the night more now than I did before, but there is always this perfect little baby boy to hold when I do that stares at me with the big beautiful eyes. Tyler and I are really enjoying this new adventure together!


  1. We're so glad he's here! He really is pretty dang perfect. Glad we get to be so close:)

  2. So sweet! Sorry I never dropped by...Life happened. I will get it to you soon

  3. He is so cute! Glad you are feeling better and that there were not complications. What a blessing to have you induced early!